September elopement in the Dolomites, Italy

Planning an elopement in the middle of a pandemic is not for the faint of heart. Especially when you’re planning to bring your family with you.

The original plan was to elope in Lofoten. We had the hike all ready for an adventurous group of people. They wanted to stay in Svolvær, and had decided to hike Volvandstind. Reinebringen and Ryten were also considered. Lofoten is surrounded by epic mountains and beaches, but it helps if you’re willing to hike.

Unfortunately, the restrictions made it too challenging to gamble at the border. So we had to set up plan B. Europe is full of stunning destinations. Countries like Iceland, Ireland, and Scotland were named. Finally, the decision landed on Italy, more specifically the Dolomites in South Tyrol. And no one was disappointed by that choice.

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We stayed in the town of Ortisei. Which was not only surrounded by the most gorgeous mountains but it was also filled with cable cars that made every location so accessible. And once we found the places we wanted it wasn’t hard at all to find privacy both for the ceremony and for photos.

So yeah, eloping in Norway was the dream, but the Dolomites was a pretty amazing second choice. Just look at this:

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Portrett Ingvild

Hei jeg heter Ingvild

Jeg vil aller helst være ute å ta bilder av fine par. Jeg bor med hunden og kjæresten min i Kristiansand, og jeg elsker å reise på jakt etter vakker natur og kjærlighetshistorier.

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