Wild elopement in the Scottish highlands – and what matters the most to me when photographing weddings

Once upon a time I thought weddings were all the same and it didn’t matter much who, what or where. Now, going into my eight season as a wedding photographer I think very differently. First of all – it is all about the couple. Who they are, how they interact and that they are absolutely crazy about each other. An important factor apart from that is about the location and scenery. This shoot is an example of what I crave. Wild nature. Add an eloping couple and I’m sold!

Workshop Helena Parmer
Dress SensibleM
Makeup and hair Elvira Berglund
Guest Photographer Studio Lullaby
Models Pontus & Elvira
Location Glencoe, Scotland

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Portrett Ingvild

Hei jeg heter Ingvild

Jeg vil aller helst være ute å ta bilder av fine par. Jeg bor med hunden og kjæresten min i Kristiansand, og jeg elsker å reise på jakt etter vakker natur og kjærlighetshistorier.

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