How to prepare for your couples session

How to prepare for your couples session Norway Elopement photographer To help you prepare for your couples photo session, here’s a list of things you should consider:

Decide on what surroundings you prefer

Do you want snowcapped mountains, or an urban setting? Or maybe having a sunset session by the sea or a picnic in the forest is what you’re all about. A meaningful place is often the most fun. Good light is important though, so do look for shade and open spaces. 

Time of day and year

You can do your engagement session any time of the year, so consider the surroundings and the type of activity you’d like to do during your session. Some people prefer to choose the opposite season from their wedding, others want it as soon as they get engaged, or as close to the wedding day as possible.

The best time for photos is right before sunset (or sunrise if you prefer to get up early). During winter the sun is lower all day so the light is better for more of the day. In the summer it is best to avoid the midday as the sunlight can be very harsh and unflattering. Trust the guidelines given by your photographer.

Wear something informal and coordinate the colors and style

Make sure that it goes with the surroundings and activity and season. Every photographer has their own style, but I tell my clients to avoid bright colors, patterns, and logos. Instead, I urge them to use neutral colors that harmonize and maybe go for bold accessories and shoes if that’s your thing. Why not combine it with your hair and makeup trial as well. Here is some outfit inspo for you!

Do something you like doing together

Consider your engagement session is documenting a small part of your time and life together. Make sure it really reflects who you are. Why not make it a cozy home session, bring your photographer along on your weekly date night, or go for a hike with your pup.

Remember; the engagement shoot is supposed to be fun! There is no pressure, and it really is all about you. It may feel a bit awkward and uncomfortable at first, but after a few minutes, you’ll get more used to it, and start enjoying it. It will definitely be worth it in the end!

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